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Financial Return Opportunities for Retailers Focus at Global Trade Seminar

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Detroit, MI — May 21, 2013 Sandler and Travis Trade Advisory Services teamed up with Amber Road, a leading provider of global trade management solutions (GTM), on April 17 to host a retail seminar focused on global trade management. The one day event held at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City, focused on highlighting cost saving opportunities in First Sale and duty drawback.

“Duty drawback can offer as much as a 99 percent refund of import duties, taxes or fees,” said Sandler and Travis Trade Advisory Services’ Director of Drawback Operations Dawn Olesky. “First Sale bases the duty rate on what the manufacturer paid for the goods rather than on a middleman’s markup price, which is what Customs duties are typically assessed on,” added Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg.

The jointly hosted seminar welcomed representatives from some of the world’s most recognized retail brands. Speakers at the seminar included, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Director of Field Operations in New York Robert E. Perez, American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) President and CEO Marianne Rowden, Brazilian Counsel General Luiz Felipe de Seixas Corres, Amber Road Vice President of Product Management and Solutions Consulting Ty Bordner and Sandler and Travis Trade Advisory Services’ Senior Vice President of Consulting Services Anu Gavini.

During his presentation Bordner noted that using a GTM solution can benefit retailers and assist in reducing inventory, decreasing cycle times and reducing safety stock and expedited freight. He also noted that some reductions included five to eight percent reduction in transportation costs, 10 to 15 percent reduction in cycle stock inventory and four to seven days’ compression in order cycle times.

Additional topics covered during the seminar were U.S. legislative and regulatory updates (Rowden), doing business in Brazil (de Seixas Corres), underlying principals of key initiatives from Customs and Border Patrol (Perez) and managing global trade by uniting technology with services (Gavini).

In June, Amber Road and Sandler & Travis will be hosting a joint webinar revisiting “Financial Returns in Global Trade,” discussing cost savings strategies including duty drawback, First Sale rule, etc.  More information on webinars and services provided by STTAS can be found at For more information on Amber Road and its services please visit

About STTAS & ST&R:

STTAS is recognized as the leading provider of customs and international trade advisory services to the public and private sectors. STTAS offers hands-on global import/export solutions for multinational companies eager to increase their ability to move merchandise across international borders in an efficient, seamless and compliant manner. STTAS also assists governments throughout the world in building customs agencies and procedures that expand import and export capabilities, reduce risk factors, and comply with international standards.

STTAS is affiliated with the customs and international trade law firm of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A. (ST&R). ST&R concentrates its practice in assisting clients with the movement of goods, personnel and ideas across international borders.  ST&R provides governments, manufacturers, importers, exporters and retailers the advice and counsel they require to succeed amid the constantly changing demands of global trade.

Combined, we are currently the largest provider of customs and international trade services worldwide with over 600 global trade professionals located in 12 offices in six countries. Our success is based on a combination of unsurpassed domain expertise, proprietary technology and business process best practices.

About Amber Road:

Amber Road is the world's leading provider of on-demand Global Trade Management (GTM) software and solutions. By helping organizations comply with country-specific trade regulations, as well as plan, execute and track global trade, Amber Road enables goods to flow unimpeded across international borders in the most efficient, compliant and profitable way.

Our GTM software automates processes for import management, export management, global logistics management and trade agreement management. Our solutions encompass a wide range of trade compliance and global trade management capabilities.
Amber Road is powered by Global Knowledge®, the industry's most comprehensive database of trade compliance content and international business rules. Global Knowledge has been amassed by our team of in-house trade experts over the past twenty years. This team monitors and updates global trade regulations on a daily basis to ensure our customers have the data they need for the highest levels of import/export compliance and accurate landed cost calculations.

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