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Election 2016: Winners, Losers, and What It Means for Trade

Thursday, November 17, 2016
Time: 2:00 pm EST - 3:00 pm EST
Cost: $250.00

Webinar: 1 CCS/CES Credit

International traders are scrambling to make sense of the 2016 presidential and congressional elections and the significant impact they are likely to have on U.S. international trade policy. After a campaign in which trade issues took an unusually prominent role, Americans elected as president Donald J. Trump, who has vowed to scrap existing free trade agreements, hike import tariffs, and take other trade enforcement measures to boost the U.S. manufacturing sector. What’s more, existing laws give the president broad authority and discretion to restrict trade in these ways. This insightful webinar from a Washington veteran will examine the new trade environment in detail and help companies doing business across borders understand the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Key Topics

- the Trump trade agenda: plans vs. reality

- political appointees to trade and economic policy slots in the new administration

- prospects for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and other bilateral and multilateral trade agreements

- leadership and agendas of the congressional committees overseeing U.S. trade policy

Our Speaker

Nicole Bivens Collinson leads the International Trade and Government Relations Practice of Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., and serves as managing principal of the firm’s Washington, D.C., office. She is also a member of the firm's Operating Committee. Ms. Collinson has over 25 years of experience in government, public affairs, and lobbying. She has drafted and guided the successful implementation of several pieces of key international trade legislation that positively affected the bottom line of many U.S. companies. 

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