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Customs Duty Drawback- Maximizing Savings & Expanding Global Sales

Wednesday, February 03, 2016
Time: 2:00 pm EDT - 3:30 pm EDT
Cost: $250.00

Webinar 1.5 CCS Credits

Duty drawback provides an opportunity to obtain a refund of duties, fees and taxes incurred at the time of importation. This webinar covers procedures for maximizing savings and expanding global sales by participating in a duty drawback program.

Key Topics

Who Can File for Duty Drawback?

Anyone who has the proper authorization and who files the correct documentation in a timely matter with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can obtain drawback. Typically, the drawback claimant is an importer, a manufacturer, or an exporter. You may be able to take advantage of Duty Drawback if:

You use imported articles to manufacture products for export

You import merchandise that is subsequently exported in the same condition

You pay import duty on goods that are used by another party for manufacture and export

Our speakers:

Andrea Artero-Larsen is a Drawback Account Manager for Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services, resident in the Detroit office. Ms. Artero oversees more than 100 accounts covering automotive parts, apparel, textile, chemical and other commodities. She helps resolve issues and questions pertaining to customs duty drawback while ensuring compliance with all appropriate laws and regulations. Ms. Artero is a licensed customs broker and a certified customs specialist.

John W. Gapske is an Account Manager for Drawback and FTZ Operations for Sandler & Travis Trade Advisory Services, resident in the Detroit office. He has 27 years experience in the customs industry, specializing in drawback since 1995. In his work experience at a major automotive company he has experience in managing Foreign Trade Zones, NAFTA origin determination and solicitation, as well as the American Automotive Labeling Act (AALA). He has been a licensed customs broker since 1996 and is also a Certified Customs Specialist.

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