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China - US Trade War and China Customs Update


Friday, August 23, 2019
Time: 8:30 am HKT - 4:30 pm HKT
Cost: $100.00
Shanghai, China

The event will be in Shanghai, specific location to be announced. 


This is a live event in Shanghai, China held in English and Mandarin.

About the Seminar  |  关于这个研讨会

The U.S. and China are continuing to impose higher tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of two-way trade and threatening even more if they are unable to reach a trade agreement. Importers and exporters in both countries have suffered injury from this trade war and are utilizing a number of methods to mitigate those ill effects.


For example, some companies are relocating part or all of their production or processing operations to countries other than China to secure a different country of origin. Are these viable solutions and, if so, what are the main considerations?


Companies may also take advantage of the Section 301 tariff exclusions being granted for some products. The U.S. has approved exclusions for hundreds of so-called List 1 goods, is reviewing exclusion requests for List 2 goods, and is accepting exclusion requests for nearly $200 billion worth of goods on List 3. These exclusions are retroactive and applicable to any covered product, even those imported by companies that did not submit the request. What can be learned by looking at List 1 exclusions and how can those lessons be applied to List 3 exclusion requests?

除此之外,美国和中国都宣布了商品排除工作程序。 在7月9日,美国商务部(“USTR”)批准了另外110个特别准备的产品说明,其中包括了对清单1的362个单独的排除申请。虽然清单1和清单2的排除申请已经过期,但受限于清单3的公司仍有时间在9月30日之前提交排除申请。从清单1中的排除内容里,我们能获取到什么信息?从那些已经被批准的排除申请中,能为那些准备申请清单3排除的公司带来些什么?

Similarly, China is considering requests for exclusions from the tariffs it has imposed on U.S. goods in retaliation for the Section 301 tariffs. This process remains somewhat unclear and the first approvals are not expected until mid-September, but it remains an unprecedented opportunity. What information do companies need to include in their requests, and are there best practices from the U.S. exclusion process that can be applied in China?


Topics  |   主题

About ST&R & Our Speakers  |  关于ST&R以及主讲专家

Speakers will include Sally Peng, ST&R Member & Asia-Pacific Practice Leader and Harry Zhang, ST&R Greater China Practice Leader. ST&R is the largest dedicated international trade, customs, and export law firm in the world and has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. 

Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, P.A., (ST&R), 是一家总部位于美国的律师事务所,是全球最大的,具有四十年以上历史的,专门从事国际贸易,海关和出口相关事宜的律师事务所。自2015年以来,ST&R在香港,广州和上海开设了办公室,为其全球的客户开展与中国海关相关的咨询服务。

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Please note that this is a live event in Shanghai, China.

To pay in US dollars ($100 USD), please register using the green button in the sidebar, above left. 

To pay in RMB (600 RMB) are interested in attending the seminar, please email Lily Liu with the following information:

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RMB 400 for the second person from the same company.

仅限受邀人士 人民币600/位 ,同公司的第二位起人民币400/位

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