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Mission. We focus on what matters most to our clients: minimizing the risks associated with the cross-border movement of goods, reducing customs duties, and decreasing cycle times.

Approach. Our deep and focused expertise on international trade allows us to craft effective and practical solutions to our clients' business and operation concerns.

Experience. Our sixty plus international trade lawyers and trade professionals include many former federal import, export and trade agency officials (CBP, ITA, USTR, FDA, Commerce and Justice). Their expertise and effectiveness has been continuously recognized by government agencies and leading national trade associations. Our professionals have been engaged as advisors to Customs (COAC and the TSN), Commerce, USTR and the Court of International Trade, or as counsel or chairs of national importer, exporter, and customs broker associations.

Clients. Our corporate clients range from global multinationals and governments to importers, exporters and service providers.

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Import & Customs

301 China Tariffs: ST&R customs attorneys have filed almost 1,500 petitions seeking exclusions from these duties and successfully obtained refunds. We advise and support importers on re-engineering transactions to lawfully mitigate the impact of these tariffs.

Import & Customs
Import & Customs

Tariff Mitigation

Trial and Appellate Court decisions adopted our arguments which established the FIRST SALE doctrine that has allowed thousands of companies to dramatically reduce duty assessments.

Tariff Mitigation
Tariff Mitigation

Trade Negotiations

ST&R has represented clients including governments in the negotiation of every U.S. free trade agreement since NAFTA in 1992, as well as those currently under consideration. Our advocacy to benefit and protect our clients includes all chapters and rules of these complex agreements.

Trade Negotiations
Trade Negotiations

Trade Remedies

We have represented U.S. importers and global exporters in antidumping, countervailing duties and other trade actions before the ITC and ITA and, where necessary, the Court of International Trade and appellate courts. Our representation spans hundreds of products from many countries.

Trade Remedies
Trade Remedies


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