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Licensing & Screening

Export Screening

In order to determine export and re-export licensing requirements, companies must have a firm grasp on the restrictions placed on certain countries of ultimate destination and end-users, as well as the intended end-use of their products.  Implementing sound screening mechanisms to ensure that goods are not inadvertently shipped or transferred to embargoed or sanctioned countries or restricted parties and are not intended for any prohibited end-uses is a core component of all export compliance programs. Screening for potential boycott-related risks and identifying diversion risks in international transactions should also be incorporated into compliance programs. ST&R attorneys and STTAS professionals have extensive experience in working with companies to design and implement workable screening mechanisms for companies, assist clients in screening proposed transactions, and provide training to company personnel on country, end-user, and end-use restrictions imposed by the U.S. government and non-US jurisdictions.

Export Licensing, Tracking and Management

Depending upon a commodity’s technical specifications, functionality and unique features, a license from a government agency may be required before that item may be imported, exported or otherwise transferred to a foreign person. The same holds true for transfers of certain technology or technical data, or before certain services are provided to foreign persons.

We assist companies in determining the precise level of control applicable to their commodities, software and technology/technical data, advise on any unique regulatory challenges or delays that may impede a proposed transaction. We work with companies to obtain the necessary government authorizations—either through applications for licenses or confirming the applicability of exceptions, exemptions, or general licenses. We also routinely provide guidance to clients on licensing restrictions and requirements of non-US jurisdictions that may also apply.

Once a license has been obtained or an agreement has been approved by the government, we also assist companies in implementing effective procedures for proper monitoring and tracking of these license authorizations, making timely renewals, and seeking amendments where warranted.

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