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Export Compliance Programs

In order to demonstrate their commitment to compliance and the existence of effective policies and procedures, U.S. companies are expected to adopt formal internal compliance programs. Designing and implementing a compliance program that takes into account all of a company’s products and technologies, departments, international activities, and overseas affiliates and business partners can be especially challenging.

ST&R and STTAS have extensive experience in designing, developing and assisting in the implementation of effective and workable export compliance policies and procedures for both large and small companies.  It is critical that compliance programs are specifically tailored to the company’s unique operations and proposed market objectives, as well as increase overall business efficiencies.

Manuals, Desk References, Technology Control Plans and Technology Transfer Control Plans

Government agencies charged with enforcement of the export laws and regulations generally expect companies to communicate their commitment to compliance by documenting their established policies and procedure in writing. By formalizing their compliance programs into a written document, companies can effectively affirm their commitment to compliance, direct employees to comply with the laws and regulations, outline the potential consequences of non-compliance, and identify designated personnel who should be contacted for further information and guidance when questions within the organization arise. Export manuals and desk references, as well as Technology Control Plans (TCPs) that comport with the requirements of the ITAR or EAR, as appropriate, serve to ensure that personnel have a clear understanding of how their responsibilities contribute to the company’s overall export compliance. ST&R and STTAS work with companies to create written policies and procedures in the form of manuals, desk references, and TCPs that are workable and customized to their specific operations and international activities.

In-House Training, Seminars and Webinars

As part of their internal compliance programs, companies are expected to provide recurrent training to personnel involved in international transactions, such as compliance, purchasing, marketing and sales, product development, sourcing, warehousing/receiving, finance/accounting, information technology, human resources, and logistics personnel.  ST&R and STTAS routinely provide export compliance training to companies in the form of in-house workshops and online webinars.

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