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Antiboycott Compliance

The U.S. Antiboycott Regulations are a complex set of rules that prohibit U.S. companies and their overseas affiliates from complying with or responding to certain requests. Companies may not agree to a request to refuse to do business with (or otherwise discriminate against) individuals or entities on the basis of race, religion, sex or national origin. In some instances, companies may be required to report boycott-related requests to the Commerce Department’s Office of Antiboycott Compliance on a quarterly basis, and those engaging in business in certain countries may be required to make annual reports to the Internal Revenue Service. ST&R attorneys provide antiboycott compliance advice and counsel to clients, including:

  • Training company personnel on identifying potentially reportable requests;
  • Designing and implementing effective issue escalation and reporting procedures;
  • Reviewing and assessing potential boycott-related requests received; and,
  • Preparing and filing of reportable boycott requests to the Department of Commerce and the Internal Revenue Service in a timely manner.
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