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Canada to Implement Mandatory Electronic Export Reporting Beginning April 1

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Canada Border Services Agency issued Jan. 18 a notice outlining its new mandatory electronic reporting policy for exporters, which is set to take effect April 1. The CBSA states that this new policy not only will provide “increased data quality and more accurate, consistent information” but also “aligns Canada’s Export Program with the reporting processes in other countries.”

Reporting Timeframes. Under the new policy, the CBSA will require exporters to declare export shipments destined to non-U.S. destinations according to the following timeframes by mode of transportation.

• marine – no less than 48 hours before the goods are loaded onto the vessel

• air – no less than two hours before the goods are loaded onto the aircraft

• rail – no less than two hours before the railcar containing the goods is assembled to form part of the train for export

• postal – no less than two hours before the goods are delivered to the post office where they will be mailed

• any other mode – immediately prior to the exportation of the goods

Reporting Options. There are two options for exporters to report electronically – the Canadian Automated Export Declaration and the G7 Export Reporting Electronic Data Interchange. The CAED is a downloadable software available free of charge on the Statistics Canada Web site. The G7-EDI option requires an investment from the exporting company and provides a direct link to the CBSA’s ACROSS system. Information on becoming an EDI-G7 participant may be obtained here.

Benefits. Exporters will note several benefits from this change in policy, the CBSA states, including the elimination of the paper B13A and its preparation and processing costs, the elimination of the requirement to physically present the B13As at a CBSA office for stamping, and the expediting of goods shipped via courier, which would normally be held by the courier if the declaration has not been reported to the CBSA in accordance with the reporting timeframes.

Exceptions. According to the CBSA, the mandatory electronic reporting policy will not apply to exporters who have been approved to report their exports using the Summary Reporting Program option. In addition, when electronic permit reporting options are not available, the requirement to present a paper copy of the electronic export declaration and OGD permit at the CBSA office closest to the point of exit will remain unchanged.

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