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FDA Outlines Progress in Implementing Food Safety Modernization Act

Friday, January 06, 2012
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Food and Drug Administration has made available the following information on the progress it has made toward implementing the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, including developing proposed regulations, publishing mandated reports and taking important steps toward increasing overall food safety capacity in the U.S.

• launched a more consumer-friendly recall search engine on the FDA Web site

• issued to the seafood industry an updated guide on hazards associated with fish and fishery products and appropriate controls for those hazards

• began using new authority to administratively detain for up to 30 days food products that it has reason to believe are adulterated or misbranded

• issued an interim final rule that requires a person submitting prior notice of imported food, including food for animals, to report the name of any country to which the article has been refused entry

• in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, issued a joint anti-smuggling strategy to help to identify and prevent smuggled foods from entering the U.S.

• announced the fiscal year 2012 fee schedule for certain domestic and foreign facility reinspections and failure to comply with recall orders

• announced that the Institute of Food Technologists will carry out two new pilot projects aimed at enhancing the ability of the FDA and industry to trace products responsible for foodborne illness outbreaks

• met the FSMA mandate for foreign inspections and conducted more than 20,000 domestic inspections, which puts it on pace to meet the FSMA mandate

• participated in more than 350 meetings with industry leaders, farmers, consumers, public officials and academics

• took part in 14 farm tours across the country to gather input on how the proposed rules can work feasibly across the diversity of commodities and growing conditions and practices

• held three public meetings on preventive controls, import provisions, and changes to inspection and compliance programs in a preventive controls environment

• participated in more than 70 meetings globally to discuss the international impact of FSMA, including trips by the deputy commissioner for foods to China, Mexico, Canada and the European Union

• participated in and helped fund the establishment of the Produce Safety Alliance and the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance to help industry, especially small and very small firms, comply with FSMA requirements

• established a FSMA Web page that includes more than 100 frequently-asked questions by topic as well as videos, webinars, presentations and print materials

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