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Test Procedure, Energy Conservation Standard Considered for Set-Top Boxes and Network Gear

Monday, December 19, 2011
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

The Department of Energy is initiating a rulemaking and data collection process to develop a potential test procedure and energy conservation standard for set-top boxes and network equipment. This process will analyze the technological, environmental, employment and regulatory impact of a test procedure and standard on consumers, manufacturers, utilities and the nation. During this analysis, DOE will determine the feasibility of establishing a standard that achieves the maximum improvement in energy efficiency that is technologically feasible and economically justified. To support this analysis, DOE will develop a test procedure to measure the energy efficiency of STBs and network equipment that reflects consumer use, ensures repeatability of results and is not unduly burdensome to conduct.

To facilitate this proceeding DOE has gathered data identifying several issues associated with currently available industry test procedures, efficiency standards and energy use data for STBs. Comments, data and information on these and any other related issues are due no later than Feb. 14, 2012. DOE will also hold a public meeting on this issue, which will be broadcast as a webinar as well, on Jan. 26.

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