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AD/CV Notices: Terephthalate Film, Optical Brightening Agents, Lock Washers, Steel Wire

Thursday, November 24, 2011
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

Following are summaries of current antidumping and countervailing actions taken by the International Trade Administration or the International Trade Commission.

Agency: ITA.
Commodity: Polyethylene terephthalate film, sheet and strip, classified under HTSUS 3920.62.0090.
Country: Brazil.
Nature of Notice: Final results of administrative review in investigation A-351-841, effective Nov. 25.

Agency: ITC.
Commodity: Certain stilbenic optical brightening agents, classified under HTSUS 2933.69.6050, 2921.59.40, 2921.59.8090 and 3204.20.80.
Countries: China and Taiwan.
Nature of Notice: Scheduling of final phase of AD investigations 731-TA-1186-1187, effective Nov. 3.

Agency: ITC.
Commodity: Helical spring lock washers.
Countries: China and Taiwan.
Nature of Notice: Final sunset review determination in investigations 731-TA-624 and 625.

Agency: ITC.
Commodity: Galvanized steel wire.
Countries: China and Mexico.
Nature of Notice: Scheduling of final phase of AD and CV investigations 731-TA-1183-1184 and 701-TA-479, effective Nov. 4.

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