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AD Proceeding on Steel Nails Advances

Tuesday, November 01, 2011
Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report

AD Proceeding on Steel Nails Advances. The International Trade Administration has made a preliminary affirmative dumping determination on steel nails from the United Arab Emirates, with dumping margins ranging from 19.23% to 61.54%. The ITA will now instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect cash deposits or bonds based on these rates.

The ITA is scheduled to make its final determination in March 2012. If the International Trade Commission’s final injury determination, which is due on or about April 24, is also affirmative, the ITA will issue an AD duty order.

Products covered by this investigation have a shaft length up to 12 inches and include nails made of round wire and nails that are cut. They may be of one-piece construction or made of two or more pieces. They may be produced from any type of steel and have a variety of finishes, heads, shanks, point types, shaft lengths and shaft diameters. Finishes include coating in vinyl, zinc (galvanized, whether by electroplating or hot-dipping one or more times), phosphate cement and paint. Head styles include flat, projection, cupped, oval, brad, headless, double, countersunk and sinker. Shank styles include smooth, barbed, screw-threaded, ring shank and fluted shank. Screw-threaded nails subject to this proceeding are driven using direct force and not by turning the fastener using a tool that engages with the head. Point styles include diamond, blunt, needle, chisel and no point. Subject nails may be sold in bulk or may be collated into strips or coils using materials such as plastic, paper or wire. These nails are classifiable under HTSUS 7317.00.55, 7317.00.65 and 7317.00.75.

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